EVERYTHING has been impacted by COVID-19 this year and while many seemed to be convinced it would magically go away after the election-- nope, it's still here.  From bars and nightclubs either closing (again) or changing the way the operate, to things like movie theatres or sports venues being totally empty--we're living through times unheard of in modern history.

Now, when we say EVERYTHING has been impacted, we mean it.  All the way down to the way that folks right here in Boise are having their trash, compost, and recycling handled.

Recently announced by the City of Boise's 'Curb It' program, some changes are on the way for those in Boise when it comes to disposal pick up.

These changes include:

  • Paper Leaf Bag Collection: This will be reduced from a max of 10 bags per week to a max of FIVE bags per week.  There is not currently a date announced for this to end. If you have more than five leaf bags that you would like to get off of your hands, there are additional locations for you to take them-- note, you'll have to drop them off yourself.  Compost is going to keep being picked up as normal, however.
  • Residential Glass Cart Service: This is suspended until Monday November 30th. Hang onto your glass until service resumes.
  • Large Item Collection: For now, this service is entirely suspended.

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