What if I told you that you could experience great places like Paris, Athens, Venice, and Egypt all right here in Idaho! Instead of having to purchase an expensive plane ticket, all you have to do is purchase a room at Destinations Inn located in downtown Idaho Falls.

Idaho has its fair share of unique Airbnb & bed and breakfasts. Of course, there's the dog hotel and the potato Airbnb, endless tiny homes, and even luxury yurts for the glampers. But none quite compare to the experience you'll have at Destinations Inn. That's because each suite has its own destination theme! From Alaska to the Congo, there's a themed room to accommodate all of your travel dreams.

In the early 2000s Destinations Inn was dramatically transformed into what it is today. It was used to serve as a former Eagles Lodge but the building was so run down that it was almost condemned. Before that, it's housed a grocery store, a clothing store, and professional offices all since when it was first built in 1905. Today it's one of the area's premier luxury hotels guaranteed to give each guest a unique stay experience.

Almost every suite comes equipped with a king-size bed, a chromatherapy champagne bubbler bath, and walk-in open showers. Rates run from $139 - $239 a night depending on which room you're staying in and when. The Destinations Inn could be perfect for all different types of occasions. For example, imagine staying in Paris on your anniversary or maybe Athens if you wanted to treat yourself like the Greek god/goddess that you are for your birthday.

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