Crime in the Treasure Valley isn't a common thing. Here in our area, we're used to the community really looking out for one another and perhaps more than anything--we're just a really kind group of people. Sometimes, there are people that ruin it for us all. We've seen several of these lately with a few open burglary cases in town.

We know that out local law enforcement teams work hard to squash any crime from continuing or happening in the first place. A series of arrests this week proves just that.

Three fraudsters from Venezuela were taken into custody on November 7th, in Eagle, after two local banks tipped off authorities to their attempts at setting up fake bank accounts. They were driving a blue Kia and apparently, this is what they're known for doing.

Here is a closer look at the arrests that were made and the charges that these three men will be facing in a court of law: 

Inside The Arrest of 3 Venezuelan Fraudsters

What on earth was happening in Eagle this week?

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Do you know anything about these men? 

In a statement shared by the Ada County Sheriff's Office, authorities explained:

The whole incident and investigation was a group effort by Eagle Police to identify and then stop a travelling fraud crew before they could do any more damage – a job made easier by employees at both banks for being wise and working so well with officers.

We are very thankful that these men were stopped before things could have gotten any worse here in the Treasure Valley. Guys like this don't belong in our town!


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