Since my daughter was born, she practically hit the ground running. Not even as a tiny baby did she enjoy being held close or even swaddled. She wants to be free, large and in charge, and move about as she pleases. Did I mention she has a stubborn streak like nothing I've ever seen before!? This has presented issues for my wife and I when it comes to traveling. Our daughter Phoenyx is in a constant state of "go" mode. This is a big reason why we've relied on traveling by car or having her stay with relatives when we have to leave town. This is about to change, because next week we are braving the blue skies with our 2 year old. We've gotten her a seat of her own so she won't be scrambling to escape our laps, but we're both concerned on how she's going to be once we're up in the air. What if she's terrified or if the air pressure bothers her? What if she doesn't want to stay in her seat and makes the entire plane miserable for the three hour stint? This is where I am turning to you, Treasure Valley, and all the parenting advice you can offer. I'll be honest I'm looking forward to my vacation but absolutely dreading the process of getting there. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Help!!

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