My experience with Glenn's Ferry is minimal, in fact beside quickly passing through on my way to Salt Lake City or Twin Falls, I couldn't tell you anything about the city. But it's a city just like any other, with roads, bridges, schools, and children. That's why when I saw KTVB report that a Glens Ferry track coach was charged with sexual exploitation of a child my heart sank.
The track coach at Glenns Ferry High School has been suspended and charged with sexual exploitation of a child.
The Elmore County Sheriff's Office said its school resource officer and detectives found evidence of the possession of sexually exploitative materials at around 2:30 Tuesday during a routine K-9 sweep at the Glenns Ferry School.
It's scary to think that an educator we trust with our children could violate our trust and abuse children. My daughter, though a few years off will be attending high school someday and the thought that she could potentially be in contact with a person like that leaves me awake at night.

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