Idaho Governor Brad Little announced today that the Treasure Valley will be treated to a flyover this Friday.

The flyover will feature aircraft from Mountain Home Air Force Base and Gowen Field.  The governor shared that he personally spoke with the base commander of Mountain Home Air Force Base.

"Friday, we're going have a flyover of Nampa, Boise, I think they're going to go as far as Idaho Falls, Mountain Home and Twin (Falls)," the governor explained.  "They're going to take Strike Eagles from Mountain Home and then the A10s, which aren't as fast as the Strike Eagles. (That) Which will take a little planning. It's a great message to have the US Air Force and the Idaho Air Guard out there at the same time."

"It (the flyover) recognizes all the people that serve in the military, but they're recognizing the health care workers who are really on the front lines right now. It's just a great message," Governor Little said.

"It's the right thing to do," the governor responded when asked if he will personally be in attendance on Friday at Gowen Field.

The governor shared that there was another flyover during a Boise State game last year.  "We've done this before."  You can listen to Governor Little here:


Here is the information on the flyovers:

Treasure Valley Flyer Over Schedule (003)


Here is the information for the Idaho Falls area:

Courtesy of Joining Forces for Treasure Valley Veterans
Courtesy of Joining Forces for Treasure Valley Veterans

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