The cost of living in the Treasure Valley seems to keep getting higher and higher. Housing has skyrocketed, apartment rent, forget about it, and it hurts every time I drive past a gas station. But there will be some relief for the high cost of living on the way. Soon, some of your Idaho utility bills will decrease.

Treasure Valley residents, your utility bills are about to get lower.
Idaho Power customers will see rate drops of just over 7 percent, Suez Water Idaho customers 5.6 percent and Intermountain Gas customers 2.6 percent.

The decreased costs come from federal and state corporate-tax cuts. Average customers will likely see a decrease of $7.04 in their power bill according to the Statesman. With Idaho's hot summers just around the corner (hopefully) this is welcome news and should put a few extra dollars in your pocket. Maybe, you could take that extra money you save and purchase you tickets to the Pre-Bmf-Pool Party at Roaring Springs

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