I seriously can't believe I'm back to report this CRAPPY news but it seems like we may be seeing a second wave of a toilet paper "wipe out".

We as a nation watched COVID-19 spread around the globe and wondered if this would impact the United States the way it had begun to worldwide. Once cases began to pop up in America, a real sense of panic kicked in.  Here in Idaho, we were one of the very last states to see any cases. That said--there was a LOT of time to prepare, anticipate, and frankly: worry.  This is when things got really weird.

Talks of the State of Idaho being "locked down" for quarantine got louder and grocery stores were seeing all sorts of mania. It was CRAZY to walk into the grocery store and see bottled water, beans, rice, and other non-perishable items be completely out of stock. Everywhere.

Perhaps the most obnoxious item that was impossible to find? Toilet paper.

All of us here around the radio station would take turns going to stores to see if we could track down a few rolls for our homes. It took a LONG time to track any down. We weren't the only ones on the hunt for the highly coveted TP--everyone was wondering WHY.

With Governor Brad Little's rollback to Phase 2 here in the State of Idaho, it seems like a little bit of "panic" or "over-preparation" might be ramping up.  Yesterday, I learned on TWO separate accounts that both a Nampa and a Caldwell Wal-Mart location was SOLD OUT of toilet paper.

What is going on, people!?

Have you been anywhere and seen TP disappearing again?  Maybe it's time to grab a backup package just in case. I want to be able to wipe this winter!

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