This is the second time that I live in Boise. I will be completely honest and tell you that I never planned on living on Boise. As a matter of fact like a lot of people I never even knew if Boise was in Idaho or Iowa. The first time I visited I immediately noticed that the people here were different, they were kind, they spoke to you like they had known you for years even though they just met you.

I lived here for three years and eventually moved away for a job but my time in Boise wasn't over and a few years later when the opportunity presented itself I didn't hesitate to return. Last night is a perfect example of why I came back and why I'm so proud of the people in the Treasure valley.

While our country is rioting and looting the Candlelit vigil that took place at the Capitol last night was the most accurate depiction of the mindset and goodwill that exist here and can only be described as #Boisekind. Treasure valley you should be proud, your kindness, empathy and willingness to stand up for your neighbors is second to none.


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