The Treefort music festival in Boise is one of my favorites and if you read my article Treefort Music Festival Funniest Band Names you will know why it speaks to me so loudly. The creativity surrounding this event is heaven on earth amongst creatives and the creative band names are hilarious so based on the feedback I received from the first article here is part 2. Don't take this too seriously as this is just my twisted mind reacting to these names.

Itchy Kitty -

I've seen dogs scratch themselves but I've only seen cats lick themselves. Do cats actually scratch themselves when they're itchy? Or am I missing the point? Sign me up I wanna see what Itchy Kitty is all about.

Mannequin Pussy -

How much time do you have to spend at a department store or around Mannequins to want to name your band Mannequin Pussy. Maybe the name dawned on them while shopping. Regardless I feel the need to watch them perform.

Pervert -

I'm scared but it's like I have to know if it's like your drunk uncle kind of pervert or a creepy type situation. Maybe it's neither and its just a ploy to get me to check out the music. I've got news for you... It worked.

Buttstuff -

Fun fact I know someone who has this InstaGram name. It's like when you come to an ugly car crash, you don't want to look but you can't not look. I want to hear their music just based on the name.

Cat Piss -

Talk about leaving a lasting impression. If you've ever had a run in with cat piss is something you will not forget. I hope the music has the same effect.

Here are some other funny band names I found intriguing that will be performing at Treefort2021 : 

Monster Watch 

Captain Snafu

Prism Bitch


Japanese Breakfast

Stranger Danger

Acid Tongue

Gated Community

Angel Dust

Sons of Guns 

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