Whether you're from Boise or not if you're a music fan you've either been to the Treefort Music Festival or you've heard of it. I personally love the creative outlet that the Treefort concept has developed into. It's such a huge expression of of art all in one 5 day event. I love the diversity of all the forts and cannot wait to partake but before we get to all of that, let's get into one of my favorite parts of the Festival. The artist and more specifically the artist with unique and funny names. Maybe I'm easily amused but that's  my jam. Honestly the more creative or funny the band name the higher they go on my list of must see performances.

Before you judge me, think about for a minute. If someone has the ability to come up with a band or artist name that's memorable then they must be super creative and there is no way that they can make bad music. Without further ado here is the list of my 5 favorite artist / band names performing at Treefort 2021.

The Jerkwads - How can you not love a band who doesn't take themselves seriously? or maybe they're truly A-holes and they're ok with it.

No Good - Of course everybody wants to see how band named No Good really is.

Whippin' Shitties - I wonder if the working name was "wiping shitties" as in maybe a janitor?

Potty Mouth - Duh... Yes I'm watching this show.

Boot Juice - All I can picture is sweaty feet.. Gross but creative.

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