Treefort Music Festival is back for 2019 and it kicks off next week!

One thing I'll always love about our city--and I hope it's something that never changes--is how much we love and grasp onto our local events. Treefort Music Festival has proven year after year to be a prime example of just that. With venues all over downtown Boise hosting shows the run the gamut of entertainment--our community (and even thousands of visitors, too) come together to celebrate music, have a good time, and support our local businesses.  Being a a local myself, I'm hardwired to look for ways to "keep it in Boise" first and I appreciate the similar sentiment that Treefort brings.

The event kicks off next Wednesday, the 20th of March and will run through the weekend. There's a ton of concerts going on all over (and you can see that, HERE) but there's more to it than just concerts. There's a Yogafort, a Skakefort, a Foodfort and favorite...even an Ale Fort. There's something for EVERYONE and I highly encourage you to check it out if you haven't already!  You won't need tickets for all aspects of the downtown festival which means getting out there in the great energy is totally attainable for everyone.

For more, click HERE.


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