Well, potato milk is now a thing apparently. Technically you can't buy it at the stores here in the United States so people are making it at home from scratch! If you ask me, potato milk could be Idaho's next chance to cash in being the top potato-producing state in the country.

Milk substitutes have been on the rise in recent years with more people turning away from consuming dairy. Almond, oat, coconut, and soy are the most popular alternatives and now it looks like people are trying to add potatoes to that category.

The upsides to potato milk include it being environmentally cost-friendly. According to The Guardian, it takes less water to make than almond milk requires, uses half the land it takes to grow oats for oat milk, and produces less CO2 than dairy farming. It's also free of most allergens. I mean think about it  - how many people out there are allergic to potatoes?!

Does it taste any good is the real question.

While it can look just like regular milk with the same color and texture, don't expect the taste to be. Those who've tried it say it's nailed that nice creamy and milky consistency but it tastes a bit bitter. As the Swedish potato-milk brand Dug points out, potatoes don’t really have much of a strong taste which makes it a suitable and versatile replacement for milk.

Try potato milk for yourself! 

Now back to that potato-milk brand that actually exists out there called Dug. It's a Swedish company that sells and ships potato milk online. While the company does have plans to expand in Europe, unfortunately, it only ships out to the U.K right now. But did we forget where we are? Hellooo, this is Idaho where we have potatoes galore!

Use this DIY potato milk recipe to try it out for yourself. The recipe only calls for five ingredients and is a rather simple process.

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