The rhetoric surrounding the coronavirus has been all over the map--from the get go. As it began to make its way to the United States, people were unsure of what to think. As it came in and began impacting business, events, workflows, and so on, it became an issue that was dividing us. Now, months into the madness, there seem to be two very loud camps on both sides of the "mask wearer" spectrum. Yes, as expected, COVID-19, a global pandemic, has become a political issue.

Just the other day, as there is no end in sight to the community spread or vaccine, I saw that Governor Brad Little shared a graphic saying that the State of Idaho is open for business and there are no restrictions in place. It felt weird seeing that, as the news around us seems to carry such a different tone. Here in Ada County alone, things aren't simply "open for business" and the local economy is still navigating survival. While better than it was a few months ago--we're still in the weeds, I feel.

If you're like me--and no matter where you fall politically or on the "mask gamut", you may be surprised to know that Donald Trump's 'White House Coronavirus Task Force' actually recommended issuing fines to those not wearing masks right here in Idaho.

Yes, Idaho was among the topic of discussion as well as Montana and Alaska--as COVID-19 numbers remain higher than ideal.

Memos that mention "doling out fines" for not wearing masks were released and made public by the Center for Public Integrity.

There's so much mixed messaging--I really don't know what to think about it all. Although, I was surprised to hear Idaho was such a topic of discussion.

See more about the memos, HERE.


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