Everyone knows that Friday has a feel...you're eager to get out of work and get home. Of course, Monday's have a feeling of dread and then Sunday's--they're a whole different type of dread...for MONDAY!

It's a 7-day week we're all too familiar with. Of course, with Live For 175 going on here at 103.5 KISS FM this week, the week is far from normal. Yet I would argue Tuesday is just a day...one with no feeling. That said, I would ASSUME that a Tuesday evening/night here at Live For 175 wouldn't be the most energetic. I was wrong. Last night we had some crazy awesome groups come through to ride and a few of them deserve a huge shout out!

Dutch Bros Coffee returned last night and completely directed the show. Their energy was just as high as it was when you pull up to get your coffee in the morning. I was blown away.  Another spectacular group was from Cracker Barrel. You can see my picture with these late-night riders above. I had to add some stars to my hoodie since all of them had stars on their work aprons.

Last but not least, pictured below, you can see that the Idaho State Police came by to ride for 30 minutes. These guys jumped on the air with me to talk about "making the call" and finding the courage to tell authorities that are there to help you, when you're in an abusive situation. Something that this event is all about.

Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media
Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media

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