Today is National Radio Day. But obviously, you already knew that because it was marked on your calendars right? Even if it wasn't, there are still tons of reasons to celebrate radio, and your favorite radio station (1035 KISS FM).

Before we get started, I'm a little bias. I've worked in radio for more than 13 years. Because of radio, I've been around the country, made lifelong friends, and met almost all of my favorite artists. Radio saved me from a life of delivering pizzas or some other 9-5 job I would have ended up working just for a paycheck. Radio has molded me into who I am today, and I'm pretty happy with that.

Yes, there are alternatives, but radio isn't dying, it's not even on life support. 71% of people on the road still listen to the radio in their cars and 2/3 of people listen to the radio every single day. Radio has the power to engage the community and when done correctly, can be used as a vehicle for positive change. Radio has personality, when was the last time someone on Spotify made you laugh, or gave you a pair of sold out concert tickets? Best of all, radio is free.

So take a second today to tune-in. It's national radio day, and it will be back right after this quick commercial break.

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