April Fool's day and radio personalities tend to be a dangerous combination. Our superiors at KISS-FM gave us the mandatory " better safe than sorry" speech a few days ago and while that approach seems like no fun whatsoever, I've seen plenty of people get fired for what they thought were great April Fools Jokes.

One of my favorites pranks was originated by a morning radio show when I was in high school. They unsuspectingly went on the air and said that the space shuttle had been diverted to a nearby military base and that it would be landing in the next hour. The freeway next to the base came to a grinding halt as spectators pulled over to get a glimpse of the space shuttle landing. Needless to say half the city was late to work and we missed our entire first class on that April fools day.

Today there were no major radio disruptions instead the people that are typically called to address the disruptions were the ones making all the noise. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office pulled off a fun April Fools Prank when they posted this to their Facebook page:

"Ruby and Havoc are certified drug sniffing donkeys assigned to our Patrol Section," The added...  "Known for their gentle disposition, Sheriff Carter and his wife Deneice are helping them get started with their first tour of duty with this new program."

The prank continued with this statement...  "Donkeys are known for the keen sense of smell, on par with German Shepherds and Blood Hounds, but they can at times also be very stubborn."

It's good to see our neighbors to the south having fun. Closer to home the Nampa PD added drug sniffing goats to their arsenal against the bad guys today.

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