From Boise Music Festival to Boise’s summer concerts the country music artists that in played in Boise this year were top-notch and knew how to put on a show. The concerts kept the whole Treasure Valley talking in the weeks following.

Two of the biggest country superstars to visit this summer were Jelly Roll and Kelsea Ballerini. Jelly Roll was one of the headliners of Boise’s biggest music festival, Boise Music Festival, and Kelsea Ballerini was one of the artists to play at the Idaho Botanical Gardens this summer during their summer concert series.

Both were extremely memorable as they were some of the most iconic country concerts of the summer. Jelly Rolls’s performance was extremely memorable as he gave an important speech to the crowd who all felt it intensely. Kelsea’s show, despite the bracelet incident, was also one for the books with her performing in the middle of the crowd and giving almost everyone there a high 5!

Kelsea Ballerini and Jelly Roll Hang Out

They must be talking about Boise!

Well, now the two are hanging out together! In a recent post from Kelsea, she posted that the two were having a fun time at the Country Music Awards. We can only wonder what brought the two stars together backstage. We are going to assume that it was their love for Boise and the Boise crowds that got the two talking. They both played the same summer and had great shows so it definitely seems as though they were talking for that reason! Hopefully, they will return to the Treasure Valley soon and maybe put on a joint show together for their favorite crowd.

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