Just when I was mourning the loss of my beloved Gordman's store in the Southshore Shopping Center, I found out that there are two new businesses literally moving in next door to my apartment in Southeast Boise!

Orangetheory Fitness at Live for 175
Orangetheory Fitness at Live for 175

One's already got a pop-up trailer proudly displayed on the side of Parkcenter Boulevard.  Orangetheory Fitness is opening a second Treasure Valley location in the former tanning salon located next to Zeppole Bakery in the Southshore Shopping Center.  If you're not familiar with how an Orangetheory Fitness, they offer heart rate based interval training classes.  That means that each participant gets to use a heart rate monitor that helps them stay in the right target heart rate zone to maximize metabolism stimulation and increase energy.  During the glass you burn 500-1,000 calories and keep burning them for up to 36 hours! You can expect to spend some time on a treadmill, rowing machine, suspension units and lifting free weights.  Each high energy class is led by a coach so you're not on your own trying to figure out the workout. It's supposed to open sometime this summer, but if you can't wait to try an OTF workout...you can visit them in the Village at Meridian! Get a FREE class by clicking here.

Another closed business in my neighborhood is also getting a new tenant.  When Hastings at Apple and Boise Ave went out of business, my fiance and I wondered how long it was going to be empty.  Apparently, it won't be that long! According to our friend Don at BoiseDev, D&B Supply plans on knocking down the wall that divide Hastings from the Sports Authority store that closed in 2014.  They plan to combine the space to put in their latest 35,000 square foot clothing, outdoor and home store.

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