This is always one of those fascinating survey results-- where is it that people in Idaho are going the most?

Thanks to everything I need-- work, the store, the gym, my family and more all being so close to my home, rarely do I need to Uber anywhere here in the Treasure Valley. When I'm in an Uber, let's be honest-- I'm either planning on having a few too many drinks or I've already had them.

Before I let myself find the results of the most Uber'd to place in Idaho-- I took a few guesses. First guess? The Boise Airport. Early flights usually mean no friends to take you to the departure line and plans come and go all day for business workers and travels alike. Turns out-- I was wrong.

Cactus Bar, located right downtown Boise on Main Street is the ENTIRE State of Idaho's most Uber'd to destination.

Now, it should be noted that the survey DID exclude transportation hubs, so the Boise Airport couldn't have won anyway.

What are you waiting for? It's time to get to Cactus!

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