You're sitting at your desk and your stomach feels like it's carrying on it's own conversation. STARVING! UberEATS is now available and includes over 60 of our favorite restaurants. Game. On. 

Not all of us work downtown and have access to delivery. What about when we're out in the 'burbs and want great food? What about the nights you go out with friends and drink a little too much then crave your favorite meal which doesn't include pizza or sandwiches? How do you get that food from your favorite place to your house?

Viola! UberEATS!

Boise is growing so quickly that options in bigger cities are now coming to our city and it's making me quite happy.

Just download the UberEATS app for free. Service will include downtown Boise, the north end, southeast Boise, Eagle and Meridian. When you order, the prices are set by the restaurants (they post their menu available for delivery) and UberEATS tacks on a $5.99 charge for the service.

In many cases, I would offer way more for people to just bring food to me at any time.

There are a lot of options on the app including: Rockie's Diner, Papa Joe's Italian Restaurant and Bar, Taphouse, Mai Thai, Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria, Paddles Up Poke, the Boise Co-Op and more.

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