We already know there are stereotypes non-Idahoans have of this potato-filled-backwoodsy state of ours. We also know that many of those stereotypes are either completely wrong or just outdated. Take the potatoes for example, yes we have them and they are a big deal here, but they also aren't all we have to offer anymore. We can also look at the idea some people have that Idaho is trapped back in time. We don't use current technology and we all live on farms or in cabins in the woods. Honestly, I kind of wish some of that were true, I'd love to have a cabin in the woods.

In a new video posted online just a few hours ago, a YouTuber attempts to 'unbox Idaho' to break it down and show the world what we really have and do here. First of all, the guy is hilarious. You may need to get past his delivery if you find it a bit grating, but his jokes and content are hilarious and spot-on.

I don't think this guy is from Idaho, since he does these types of videos for other states too, so kudos on his knowledge and especially proper pronunciation of Idaho towns and locations.

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He tackles all the aspects of Idaho geography, commerce, and lifestyles. He does it with a dry type of comedy that I like and he says enough weird things to keep his 20 minute video pretty interesting. Even if you don't have 20 minutes to watch, at least watch his intro until he starts talking about the Panhandle, it's good for a few laughs.

Do you think he unboxed Idaho all the way or did he miss some aspects, or get some wrong, in the box?

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