Friday, April 8, 2022. I remember it like was two months ago.

Mostly because it was, in fact, two months ago.


It was when I shared an article titled, "What Fresh Hell Is This? My Daily Commute From Star to Boise in Gifs," that everything changed.

All around me, the colors grew brighter, the flowers were more fragrant—even doing the laundry was less tedious than it had been 24-hours prior. Anyone who knows me longer than a minute knows how much I despise laundry.


To say the least of it, my existential pivot toward the positive was kind of a big deal. You see, that one-off, rinky-dink little article was nothing more than a rant from a 36-year-old woman-child whining about her hellish drive from the burbs to the city.

It contained nothing of substance, friend. No solutions, no ideas. It wasn't a piece written by a good-intentioned Samaritan. It was just me, *bleeping* about traffic and construction that's reached an all-time high throughout the Valley.


And yet somehow, that low-hanging piece of journalistic fruit managed to connect with people. Okay, not like a ton of people, but still! A considerable number of people who can read at or above a fourth grade level shared my suffering. Mine was the song those people. A song that's added multiple verses since that Friday in April.

It goes like this...

Twinkle, twinkle, Town of Star

How I wish I could Marty McFly my car

Up above construction that makes my BP so high

Closures & traffic jams on State Street at 25-mph—oh, my

Like why are there only three ways in & out of Star?

Commutes & errands have never felt so far

Everything hurts & I feel like I am dying

I'm just a simple girl tying & crying

To get to work in the big ole city

All while enduring this traffic so...*schmitty*


Okay, that was an absolute afront to poetry's senses, but you get the point. And really, that's the entire point! Getting in and out of Star has become as unbearable as it is unbelievable. Just getting from Franklin and Ten Mile to our neighborhood near Plummer and Floating Feather averages 35 minutes between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

For added context, my entire 4:30 a.m. commute to East Park Blvd. and Broadway in Boise only takes 30-to-35 minutes.


The continuing residential development on Star Road coupled with whatever's happening on State between Star Road and Linder can only make things worse, but at least we have one another through it all.

So best of luck to you, fellow road warrior. This too shall pass.


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