The Love Lock Fence has been by the canyon rim trail for a while now, and it has also been vandalized several times since I have lived here. It was replaced by a sturdier fence recently but that apparently hasn't stopped the vandals.

Not only was the fence destroyed and thrown into the canyon, again, but the areas was graffitied. I honestly don't understand why people do things like that, but it is why people can't have nice things.

Vandalism Love Lock Fence

If anyone has any information about who could have done this please contact authorities. It may seem like it isn't a big deal, and sure maybe it's "just vandalism" but it is not wanted nor needed in this area. If you feel the need to destroy things, destroy your own things at your own home.

Plus, that leaves a pretty big gap that seems pretty unsafe for people in the area. Lots of people spent time and effort putting those locks on that fence. Lots of people in the community get together to make sure the canyon maintains it's beauty and some jerks had to go and destroy things just for the sake of destroying them. Shame on whoever did this. It is beyond frustrating.

I have seen more and more graffiti around the area lately as well. It makes me wonder if people are really just that bored right now.

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