Leave it to our Idahoans up north and the good folks in Spokane, Washington to get the internet fired up over what might be the most disgusting pizza we've ever seen...

Viral Pizza Recipe Has Idaho Angry

A chef known well on the internet is referencing a "Spokane-Style Pizza" that originated in Spokane, just hours from Boise. Allegedly.
The recipe calls for two things from Idaho and given we're so close to Spokane, we though that we would have heard of this before. After watching the video, however-- we sure haven't.

What do you think?

Did anything about that sound good to you?  No? Same here. 

Of course, it did not take long for Twitter users to chime in on this trend that has seemingly never been heard of in Spokane. Let us remind you, this guy says it's named after the city!

Just a lover of pizza and looking for a great slice here in Boise? You have got to check out this guide to some great local pies below--and no, there's no canned Salmon involved. 

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Interested in watching the video for yourself? Check it out below:  

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