We know all of the things that Idahoans love--and of course, we could probably name a few things that Idahoans hate, as well. Perhaps we here in Idaho just have a little bit too much fun being vocal?

If we were to create a list of one of the most annoying things to "appear" each summer, a popular item might be: goatheads. They ruin our bike tires, hurt our pets and their poor paws, and really hurt when we get into them during some yard work.

Recently this "yard gadget" is all over the internet and we can't understand why more Idahoans aren't talking about it!

Every Idahoan Needs This Viral Device

It's fair to say that we all absolutely despise their existence here in Idaho. They serve no useful purpose and we've never meet a single person to love them: We're talking about "Goatheads" and they're the weed that we just can't get rid of.
One man is going viral on TikTok because of his anti-Goathead device and we think that every Idahoan should have one...

Want to see this device in action for yourself? Check it out, below: 


@stickerburrroller♬ original sound - stickerburrroller


Let's not forget, Boise, Idaho is home to the world-famous "Goathead Festival", after all.

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