I really love living in the future. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I ran down the stairs early Christmas morning and unwrapped a new Nintendo. I was so excited I played Mario Brothers all day. Last weekend I was driving around looking for something to occupy my time and just happened to pass VR Tech Lounge. I have never been much of a gamer but have always been interested in VR gaming. My only experience with VR up to that point had just been me playing by myself.

One of the cool things about the experience at VR tech lounge is you can play games with your friends. It’s kind of like how we went to arcades as children. You’re in a whole other world and you look over and see your friend experiencing it with you. In come games you can have up to six players and play games like paintball or dodge ball, fight off zombies together or even defend a castle with bow and arrows. Jumping into another reality and sharing the experience with your friends is a new experience and can be likened to the 2018 version of going to the arcade.

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