The Wahooz, Pinz and Roaring Springs facility is about to expand again.  Check out what the 17,000 square foot expansion will bring to Meridian!

According to KIVI-TV, Wahooz is about to begin construction on a four-story expansion that they're calling an "Indoor Adventure Park."  After scouring the country for the hottest and newest family entertainment attractions, the facility decided to include these:

Dueling Laser Maze

You actually won't have to wait long for this new attraction.  It's slated to open in the Wahooz Arcade on March 1st and challenges you to either make it through the room of laser beams without hitting a beam as your race a friend to the end.

The Twister

That's right! Wahooz is one step closer to becoming an indoor amusement park with this ride that seats 32 people.  You and three friends will be seated in a capsule that rotates, lifts and tilts you.  Want to make it even more thrilling?  You have the power to spin the capsule you're sitting in, yourself!

The Frog Hopper

Yup, sounds like exactly what it is.  The Frog Hopper is a 16-foot mini drop tower ride.

Sky Trail Ropes Course

Ropes courses aren't just for trees and summer camps anymore! The new one at Wahooz will take climbers three stories up and through 34 challenges.  They also have a smaller 36" option for the kiddos.


Forget the ball pit you grew up with! This thing is a four level structure that uses vacuums and blasters to shoot, throw and dump close to 50,000 balls!  If you grew up with a DZ (Discovery Zone) near you, it might remind you of the play structure there that included climbing tubes, slides and more.

Bumper Cars

Right now Pojos is the only place in the Treasure Valley you can get your bumper car on indoors, but Wahooz plans to add hover craft like cars that allow you to dump and spin in a complete circle.  It's like their bumper boats but inside!