Are you the "America first" type? Do you try your best to support our country whenever possible?

Then you're going to absolutely flip when you find out how many goods we're buying here in Idaho were made and imported from China.

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It's true. If you find yourself trying to buy U.S.-made goods on the regular, you're definitely riding the struggle bus right now.

Why? Because over 40% of all goods sold in the U.S. today are being imported from China. That's just the number, and facts are facts.

The problem with the modern age is, it's almost impossible to find a product that was developed, designed, manufactured and distributed here in the United States of America. Many times, products (cars, electronics, etc) are assembled in the U.S., but the parts and design being used comes from overseas.

So, how can you still be a good American if you can't buy all your products from your homeland? Be good to your neighbor, stand up for what's right, and enjoy the incredible freedoms we get to enjoy every single day!

That's the American way.


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