Spring has sprung and while you might not be interested in a Miami / South Beach Spring Break vacation, we all need a break from time to time and frankly with the year we've had most of us deserve a vacation. Do you want the Idaho Department of Labor to pay for your spring break? Think about it, if you're out of a job and your getting an unemployment check why wouldn't you go on spring break? It's not you have somewhere to be on Monday morning.  A vacation on the the IDL's dime sounds great. Unfortunately that's not gonna happen. Here's why...

In a statement, an IDL spokesperson told ktvb:

“According to Idaho law, people who are out of work and wish to receive unemployment insurance benefits must look for a job and remain able and available for suitable work. This includes remaining in the state where they live and within their local labor market.

There are instances where someone receiving benefits can leave the area for personal and compelling reasons - which includes the loss of or funeral of a family member - but only for a limited time.* When they file their weekly claim, people who leave the area must also tell us whenever they travel 100 miles outside of their labor market area for any part of a workweek. If they fail to do so or remain out of the area for too long, they may be required to pay back any benefits they received during that timeframe, including penalties and interest."

Can you say bummer? Actually a Spring Break staycation is a good solution,  McCall and Cascade may be within 100 miles of your labor market area so there are options.



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