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There's got to be someone out there for you, right? The Treasure Valley has been ranked among the top places to meet your match but when you're the single one, it seems a bit more difficult. Until now. 

It's time to meet Mr. Right. Let the single search begin. If you've heard "I just don't know why you're still single" from your friends, you're fresh out of a relationship or you're that person that just didn't want to settle down until now - you're perfect.


Whether you're a single man or single woman, we want to hear from you. We're in search of Mr. Right. Are you Mr. Right? Do you know someone who would make a perfect Mr. Right? Get them signed up! Are you looking for Mr. Right? It's time you let us know.


We've partnered with our favorite jeweler, Simmons Fine Jewelry, a local fine jewelry location that has been right here in our hometown for over 25 years. You know who we mean: Simmons Fine Jewelry "Where Idaho gets engaged." Sound familiar? They've got a gorgeous bridal set just waiting for the next engagement. Yours.


You have limited time to fill out the form below. Share with everyone you know. There's a lot of greatness that can come from being part of Mr. Right. If you're the single one (male or female), get started on the form right now! If you know of someone (brother, best friend, closest girlfriend or sister), share this with them and have them let us know they're ready! Note: Some mobile devices may not read the submission form so a desktop or laptop may be needed to submit your name.