Recently, we shared with you five Boise jobs that are paying over $100,000 if you have a bachelor's degree. Were those jobs not enough? Good, because we've got more high-paying opportunities for you!

This time, the list comes from the actual state of Idaho. Civil service jobs, to be more precise. At the time of this writing, there are over 370 open positions on the State Of Idaho Job Opportunities portal, and the pay is genuinely impressive.

For example, a posting for a Senior IT Network Specialist for the Idaho Military Division is currently offering up to $48/hr. Obviously, applicants will need some kind of prior experience, but that's some good cash!

If you're looking to make even more money, here's an opportunity that may wet your whistle. Idaho State University is looking for a staff pharmacist, and the salary listed for the job is a whopping $125,000/yr. That's a lot.

Southwest District Health in Caldwell is offering up to $48/hr. The Boise Transportation Department has a position open that pays over six figures per year. You get the idea. The jobs are out there!

Perhaps you're looking to make more money so you can get that 85" OLED and a PS5. Maybe your current job is soul-sucking and you just need a change of pace. No matter the reason, if you're looking to further your career and cash in, don't wait too long to check out these jobs. We have a feeling with such high salaries dangling above them, they won't be vacant for long.

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