To college, or not to college? That is the question. Is it really worth it to get a bachelor's degree? Will it help you make more money? Is it worth the enormous cost?

According to this list from, it's a resounding yes.

College isn't for everyone (this writer, for example), but if you did put in the hard work to earn that four-year degree, it's time you got paid for it. The best part? You don't even have to move out of state to be making that PS5 money.

Don't believe us? Stacker averaged what some of the highest-paying jobs are in the City of Trees that, on the job application, require you to have a bachelor's degree to be considered for the job. Again, these salaries are averaged, so your results may vary when pursuing one of these fields. Even if the numbers are off, these are still some very lucrative careers. Let's see what you think.

Here are the five top-paying jobs in Boise that require you to have a bachelor's degree:

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Do you have a bachelor's degree? Here's how much money you could be making in Boise.

After seeing those numbers, does that make you want to go back to college to finish that bachelor's degree? Do you already have one, but are astounded by how much these jobs pay? Or, are you making more money than any of the above careers without your college degree?

Let us know on Facebook. We're genuinely curious to see if these are real-world numbers, or just something slapped together to look pretty. Let's connect!

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