On August 21st, Idaho will be one of the 12 states that experiences 100% totality from the Total Solar Eclipse.

With thousands of people flocking to areas like Arco, Cascade, Donnelly and Idaho Falls, it's no surprise that hotel searches in the Gem State are at an all time high, that there not might not be enough porta potties to accommodate all the tourists and that JUMP is offering classes on how to get the best picture of the eclipse. Everyone wants to capitalize on their piece of history.

That didn't really dawn on me until two weekends ago while I was in Donnelly for the Huckleberry Jam.  My friend Liv and I stopped at the Stinker Station to pick up a few items that we'd forgotten to pack.  The first thing we saw when we walked in? A Donnelly specific, limited edition "Polecat Pete" skunk eclipse t-shirt. Even though McCall will only experience 99.3% totality, there was no shortage of eclipse souvenirs there when we drove up for dinner.

The Idaho Statesman talked to Wear Boise co-owner, Lisa McGrath, who said there's been a non-stop demand for their eclipse designs.  It also doesn't hurt that they're one of the only locally based stores that still have NASA approved eclipse glasses in stock.

Meanwhile crafters and t-shirt shops on Etsy are cranking out "Black Out," "Path of Totality" and "Get Mooned" t-shirts, hats and more hoping to make a quick buck off the eclipse.  If you want to represent Idaho on August 21st, here's some of the shirts and more you can find on Etsy!

LaBellaRoseBoutique via Etsy
BoiseScreenPrintShop via Etsy
FawnAndFoal via Etsy
Studio463 via Etsy
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