How are we going to poop during the eclipse? Turns out the struggle is real, especially during August's total solar eclipse.

Warning: There are going to be poo puns in this blog. I will not apologize.

There are a crap-ton of problems with August's total solar eclipse. It'll mess with your cell phone reception, it could make you go blind, hotel rates are skyrocketing, and the eclipse could even destroy that fancy camera you just bought. Time to add another one to the list.

In Idaho Falls and Rexburg, they're having problems booking enough porta potties for all the tourists expected to visit on or near August 21st. According to Idaho Halls spokeswoman Kerry Hammon, they're s*** out of luck:

We have heard from various sources that every porta-pottie in the State of Idaho has been reserved for the eclipse weekend.

With 500,000 people expected to visit, the 100 extra porta potties booked for the city parks won't be worth a crap. Hammon claims that the cities' sewer systems will be able to handle the excess waste, but septic systems are another issue. There's also the issue of pumping all the porta potties that'll be used during the eclipse.

No matter how you look at it, it's a crappy situation.

I'll see myself out. House. Ok I'm done.

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