Spring is here which means better weather, clean up projects around the house, and of course, that yearly joy known as tax time.  Want to get a faster Idaho refund?  Here's how.

The due date for both federal and state income taxes this year is April 18th, but if you are set to receive a refund and want it faster, the Idaho Tax Commission has some recommendations on how to make it happen.

The first, and something you still have time to take advantage of, is filing before the month of April.  For obvious reasons, volume increases exponentially in April so getting yours in, even in the remaining days of March, can improve your turnaround time.  Tax Commission spokesperson Renee Eyman said in a press release, "Once April arrives, we get showered with about 250,000 tax returns, most of them arriving on the due date.”

So what are the most important steps that will decrease the time you wait between filing and receiving your money?

There are three ways to speed up your refund:

  1. Use the e-file system for your state return (most software programs will do this automatically or for a small fee).
  2. File during the month of March and or as early in April as possible.
  3. Elect automatic/direct deposit to keep the entire process electronic.

If you need to file an extension, you will have until October 16th to complete required forms, but payment is still due as of April 18th.

Further information or clarification can be obtained from the Idaho Tax Commission at tax.idaho.gov or by calling 800-972-7660.

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