Most of us have seen a movie or two with this scenario... an unmarked police car pulls over a single unsuspecting driver on a dark lonely road and that marks the beginning of an unsolved mystery. Can you imagine if that happened to you in real life? This is the kind of thing that we typically see on the news but it's happening in some big city far away... until this week.  At one point "The Middleton Police Department reported that a white, unmarked Jeep was involved in a report of false traffic stops along Highway 44.

I can only imagine that in that moment a decision needs to be made, but what do you do? Do you pull over and take a chance at being on the next episode of unsolved mysteries? Do you step on it and speed away hoping that you're fast enough to get away? Do you continue to drive the speed limit until you get to the nearest police station?

"If you ever feel unsure about if a vehicle is a police vehicle or not and they are trying to pull you over, please call 911 and dispatch can verify.  If they can not verify, stay on the line, continue to provide details, and a real officer will be on their way," Middleton police said in a Facebook post.

The person in Middleton that reported the incident pulled over and had plenty of reason to be suspicious of the situation however this afternoon the Middleton Police Department announced "That it was a sworn-in officer in an unmarked law enforcement vehicle who was involved in a "weird" traffic stop."

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