Gas shortages. Endless traffic. Riots in the streets.

Did any of it actually come to fruition? Not really.

The Idaho Office of Emergency Management says while there is still a lot of traffic as eclipse onlookers head home to/from Oregon and Idaho, no major issues persisted. We heard before the eclipse that some small towns such as Weiser would be unable to support the influx of people, but we haven't confirmed any major incidents.

Elizabeth Duncan from IOEM confirms:

The counties within the path of totality have done an excellent job with working in a coordinated way with state federal partners and so far, knock on wood, we're good.

Mostly what they're worried about is emergencies while folks are stuck in traffic heading home. Fires, earthquakes, medical emergencies, etc. According to IOEM, that traffic should dwindle off by the end of the day on Tuesday.

We survived, y'all! Here's to hoping you didn't miss the total solar eclipse like I did.

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