Did you get the chance to check out the total solar eclipse in Idaho yesterday? It was a pretty glorious site. The moon passed in front of the sun, and for just a moment, our day was darkened ever so slightly.

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I'll never forget the old man changing clothes directly next to me on the beach in Mexico. My 8-year-old eyes were NOT ready for that. Ugh.

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So, did you stare at it? Did you look directly into the sun during the total solar eclipse without proper eye protection on? Did you say "Oh, that's fake news!" and bravely point your eyes directly at that burning ball of gas in the sky? If so, you may have very seriously damaged your eyes' ability to see properly.

As a matter of fact, people with concerns about damage to their sight have taken to the internet in droves searching for answers.

So how do you know if your eyes are all jacked up after lazily staring into the sun yesterday? According to Ophthalmologist Dr. Daniel Lattin, there are some pretty telltale signs:

You can get a little bit of a burn to the surface of the eye, or what we call solar keratitis. You can get sort of a burn to that cornea, and that’ll cause redness and tearing and those sorts of symptoms. That should resolve on its own, within a day or two, without any sort of permanent damage.


How are you feeling today? Are your eyes sore? Bloodshot? Are you still seeing spots after yesterday's eclipse? If so, you should probably go see an eye doctor.

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