I'm all about any reason to get our kids to brush their teeth, put up toys, and wash those dirty hands. I will concede to my wife pushing these points more than me because she's with them more during the day but any help goes a long way.

I try to look at the positive out of things and we've seen great stories surrounding the current coronavirus. People have really rallied around the front liners, senior citizens, birthdays and the graduating class of 2020 to name a few. Well, there is a new campaign to wash hands.

Dial soap is giving Idahoans a chance to spread a positive message during this crazy time. There is a #IWashMyHands campaign that is asking people to take photos of them after washing hands with names on those cleans palms of who they wash for. My family is out of town and sent me some and I sent them mine. We posted up our reasons why and hopefully contribute from Idaho to assist in the donation of 600,000 unites of liquid hand soap, bar soap, and body wash products to FEMA helping disaster communities.

Wash your hands, share your message, and motivate us all!


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