Last Friday, the People's Rights group appeared outside the Ada County Courthouse to support Garth Gaylord. Mr. Gaylord was to appear before a judge concerning his arraignment.

In Person or A Zoom Hearing?

He maintains that he has a right to have his hearing in person. Mr. Gaylord spoke of his interaction with the judge in the YouTube video. The judge told him that he would have to wear a mask during his court appearance. Mr. Gaylord was defending himself against a citation of obstructing officers performing their duty on March 15th.


Mr. Gaylord tells YouTube that you can't force a mask mandate on him. He proceeds to enter the courthouse, where deputies subdue him along with an unidentified woman. One individual described the chaos as World War Three. She urged folks to become prayer warriors.

Courtesy YouTube

Deputies move in and the Crowd Reacts

As deputies began to secure the perimeter outside the corridor, they were met with yells and screams from the group. "You guys are Nazis; can't you see what you guys have done. This is America; you've made it worse than Russia, one woman said.

Courtesy of YouTube

Lee Joe Lay reported on shared his experience of what happened. "The Supreme Court made up an arbitrary rule about wearing masks and decided that they have the authority to make a rule without public input based on their emotions." He continued, "We are at this impasse where the Idaho Supreme Court is in direct conflict with the Idaho Constitution. The Constitution will prevail."

Prayer Protest outside of St. Alphonsus

Another video was provided to us concerning Saint Alphonsus, allowing family members of a patient to visit them in the hospital. The group gathered peacefully in prayer working with Boise Police to work out the details of family members inside the hospital.

Courtesy of Youtube


You can see the conversation in the video below.

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