Dabbing is under attack in Donald Trump's America. House Speaker Paul Ryan squashed a teen's efforts to dab while his father was sworn into office. As you can see in the above clip, Ryan is not pleased with the young man's dabbing and puts an end to it. The teen put up a good fight, but succumbed to the pressure in the end.

Ryan was re-elected Speaker of the House of the 115th Congress in a vote on Tuesday (Jan. 3). In his speech, Ryan tried to downplay all of the angst and frustration that has emerged following the election of Donald Trump.

"Just months ago our country held a great electoral contest. And at times it was a little intense," Ryan said. "As you all know, when you're in the heat of it, in the heat of the kind of campaign we had, you start to wonder, will the tempers ever cool? Will the systems still hold? Does our still rich tradition still have that magic? Well, as it turns out, it does. In the end, they all dissolve in the silence and peaceful transfer of power."

Much of the hip-hop community spent last year rallying against Trump, but some surprising allies such as Kanye West did emerge for the president-elect. Trump's victory won't stop the efforts for change as artists like Chance The Rapper are already getting involved in events in response to the incoming president's agenda.

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