It’s one thing to be a bad driver and it’s a whole other thing to be an oblivious driver. Meridian resident, Abdu Isakov captured the latter in shocking footage captured with a friend from inside their vehicle. According to Isakov, the incident took place at Eagle Rd. and McMillan and shows a driver heading the wrong direction, just missing colliding head-on with a vehicle within the first few seconds of the video.

Isakov and the other individual in the car continue to film as the vehicle as one of them ask, “What is this guy doing?”

What happens next is terrifying as the wrong-way driver swerves away from oncoming traffic right before what could’ve been a devastating accident.

You can see what appears to be a huge truck on its way as the driver turns back into the correct lane, hopping the median curb in the process.

While Isakov gave us permission to share this video, just moments before he shared the video to a driving group on Facebook. It was there where people asked if Isakov was able to retrieve the license plate to which he replied that they “tried to catch up to him but he was going too fast.”

It’s unfortunate that the driver was apprehended right there on the spot and it’s even scarier that we don’t know what the end result of this incident was. Hopefully, no one was seriously hurt or injured but let this be a reminder to all of us that it is much safer for all parties involved to call for a relative, loved one, friend, or even an Uber when you’re not up to drive.

Let’s not put others on the road at risk for the decisions we make. If this particular incident was not alcohol-related and a serious health condition, let’s hope that someone close to that individual can recognize that they need attention before being cleared to drive.

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