This should be at the top of your horror marathon.

Well folks, it's just about that time again. I'm already seeing Halloween decorations pop up around the neighborhood so that can only mean one thing. The spooky season is just about upon us.

There are also more trailers for scary movies on television which makes it really hard for me to mindlessly watch TV before bed.

Truth be told, I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to horror films.

But I know there are those of you out there who absolutely love them. You enjoy the gore, the suspense, the bone-chilling scenes that you can't get out of your head. You're all in.

So, which movies are your favorite? Which movies will you be adding to your Halloween marathon? Perhaps they're movies you've seen over and over again regardless of the time of year.

Bravo to you.

There is one movie that you should have at the top of your list if you live in the state of Idaho. Of all the movies that give you goosebumps, this one came out on top. And it's a classic.


Truth be told, I'm not sure if it's the original one we love or any remakes.

Let's go with the classic 1931 version. The original. Which, actually, might be more scary because it's in black and white and the footage is a little grainy and raw. This was our top spooky movie according to Horror Movies Each State is Most Obsessed With.

Now what if you want something that hits closer to home?

Thanks to Zippia's list of Horror Movies By State, we have a top movie in Idaho. This list highlights the top flicks either take place in or were filmed in each state. For us, that's Idaho Transfer.

This 1973 science fiction movie is so good you can actually watch the entire thing for free on YouTube.

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