Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday...we've been surrounded by sales lately--windows to grab those great, annual deals on gifts for you and for loved ones as Christmas approaches. I'm guilty, too, of splurging a little more than I should have when it came to Cyber Monday. My fingers were trigger happy on Amazon Prime and I've got gadgets on their way that I probably never would have ordered any other time.

Today, however, is Giving Tuesday and it's an opportunity for us to be selfless, if we're in a position to do so, with in-kind donations to organizations making a difference.

Today, I donated to a couple of organizations close to my heart. The first, The Bishop Kelly Foundation's Fr. Wilson Scholarship. This scholarship made my attendance at BK possible growing up and I'll be forever grateful for it.

The other organization I donated to was the Terry Reilly Health Clinic. This group of clinics located right here in the Treasure Valley. Terry Reilly enables high quality access to healthcare for Idahoans who may other wise not be able to afford it. It's a place some friend and even my mom, as a dental professional, have served at over the years. In some households, families are forced to choose food or rent over much needed health care. Terry Reilly aims to end anyone ever needing to make that decision. You can check out a video about them, below.


Which charities or non-profit organizations are your favorites? Shout them out and lets get the word out about their work!

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