Folks have been making terrible jokes about Boise since, well, forever it feels like. You can't travel a mile outside the Treasure Valley without someone spewing out some form of:

You're from Boise? Do you like potatoes?

Lame. So very, very lame. And we've actually heard worse, believe it or not.

We figured if we were provided some jokes about Boise coming from a non-biological source could garner us some solid, unpredictable punchlines about Boise. So we turned to the good-hearted AI technology at ChatGPT.

Not familiar? It's an Artificial-Intelligence-based writing tool that is being used for literally everything right now. Need to write a book summary? ChatGPT. Looking for a commercial for your podcast? ChatGPT. Want to write a really nasty note to your neighbor, but you're not so good with using the words? ChatGPT.

It has its uses. Now, let's see what happens when we ask ChatGPT to write some jokes about Boise, Idaho:

Why did the potato go to Boise, Idaho? To get mashed!

Oh no. Ok, maybe it's just a bad start.


Why did the potato go to Boise, Idaho? To get mashed!

This really doesn't feel right...


What did one potato say to the other potato when they arrived in Boise, Idaho? "We've made it to the spud capital of the world!"

Ok is that even a joke? Feels more like a plain ol' statement.


How do you know if a potato is from Boise, Idaho? It will say "Famous Potatoes" on the side!



Well, we're doomed. Even the AI is out to make our lives miserable.

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