The perception that outsiders have of Idaho is truly a marvelous thing. You’ve got people who think we’re in the Midwest, you’ve got others who think it snows here every single day, and then you’ve got the prototypical perspective that Idaho is everything potato. This brings us to the “special report” about Idaho’s signature dish from the folks at

Apologies in advance for the number of quotes coming your way...


According to the “report”, they took “data” from sources that include Food Network, BuzzFeed, and several others to determine the “signature dish” of Idaho. The result? Spudnuts. That’s right. Spudnuts.

Who in the name of all that is basic, thinks that Spudnuts are the “signature dish” of Idaho? First and foremost, they sound delicious. They’re essentially potato doughnuts packed with flavor and they sound amazing. You better believe that after researching Spudnuts, I definitely want to try one. However, during that same research, I found only a handful of places that actually serve Spudnuts, one of them being Guru Donuts. So, how could it be that outsiders believe Spudnuts to be Idaho’s “signature dish”?

We can think of plenty of other options in the Treasure Valley that would make better signature dishes. Do we love our potatoes? Of course! Who doesn’t love potatoes? But why can’t we be known for finger steaks, barbecue, heck, even our fry sauce! But… Spudnuts? Announce your love for Spudnuts out loud and tell us how that makes you feel about Idaho.

Let’s get into some tasty alternatives that can overtake the “signature dish” throne that according to a “special report” is held by… Spudnuts.

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