Football season is almost upon us, Boise--but then again, it feels as though it's always football season. Even when the Boise State Broncos aren't in the regular season, the hype around this team and this program seems to never fade! With no professional NFL team anywhere near Boise--the allegiance of local football fans has always been to Boise State.

Who do Treasure Valley residents root for in the NFL? Well, everyone has their teams--but it seems obvious that once a Boise State alum moves onto the next ranks, Bronco fans here in the area always show a little love to those teams with a Bronco on their roster.

One team we wouldn't expect Boise to care about? The Minnesota Vikings.

This team, however, has two former Boise State stars on the roster-- Alexander Mattison and Curtis Weaver!

Local sports pro Jay Tust recently noticed that the Vikings' official INstagram account captured Mattison and Weaver showing Boise some major love!



For fans back in Boise, it's exciting knowing that these players who are seeing success in the NFL and taking in some mighty big paychecks haven't forgotten where they fine tuned their skills: Boise, Idaho.

This season, Boise State is hoping to shape more players in preparation for the NFL--and to win a lot of games along the way. The season begins at the University of Washington which will be nationally televised on primetime ABC.

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