The morning of the eclipse was eerie and strange and a tiny bit interesting. We weren't sure what was happening. From pre-eclipse preparation to us seeing darkness before it all happened, here's how it all went down.



We got to work this morning and thought something was happening so we ran outside just to see. What if this was all really off as far as timing goes and we were the only ones who were outside to see the eclipse while everyone else is in bed? We couldn't chance it.



Once we realized it wasn't what we had thought, we continued throughout the day. Was the math correct and would the eclipse happen when NASA said it would happen or should we prepare for an earlier time. We (Chris with his ISO certified glasses) looked at the sun and saw some darkness.



Were we drinking, you ask? It seems as though we were. The answer is no. There we waited...and waited...and waited. I was ready to be proven wrong.

The sky was getting a little darker. It felt like dusk and the air had kind of an eerie feeling. Some people say it was a good feeling while others felt a little "off". When it was time to see the eclipse, we ran outside with the one pair of glasses in between us (because Chris left it up to a vote) and I was waiting for him to explain to me exactly what it all looked like.



Needless to say, I lost. The glasses go to Chris. It was his job to explain, in full detail, everything he was seeing. That way I wasn't burning my retinas and my eyeballs weren't melting down my face onto the scalding hot concrete.

Then THIS happened and Chris is blaming ME! To be continued tomorrow morning.

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