I want you to look at your left sock.  Take it off.  Don't put it on for rest of the day.  Why? It's National Missing Children's Day.

According to KTVB, there are currently 24 open cases of missing children in the Gem State.  They date back to Matt Amon's disappearance in 1971, the ongoing search for  DeOrr Kunz Jr. who went missing during a family camping trip last July to Wesley Miller being reported missing in Nampa earlier this month. Sadly, these three children and the other 21 missing Idaho children are often forgotten by the public after their names disappearance from news headlines.

That's why on May 25th, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children wants you to wear just one sock today.  That sock is meant to be a symbol for the feeling missing.  It's meant to feel like you do when you stumble across these faces on a "missing children's" poster and help remind you that the search for these kids doesn't end until their family has closure over their whereabouts.

Help spread the message by taking a "footsie" of your missing sock and share it on social media with #rockonesock.

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